Our Approach

“Angel Trading Friend” was started with an intention to assist and guide all the begginers ,novice traders etc and provide a helping hand to many traders who are struggling to find success in Trading.

The Mission is to make you financially free through trading.

Trading is done successfully when you are guided by an Angel by your side who is already successful and have learnt the secrets of it.

Advantages of using Angel Trading Friend

  • you will get life long support for trading
  • you will get regular updates of my tested strategy
  • you will get backtested data of all the strategy
  • you will learn when to enter,stoploss ,money management ,compounding etc
  • its best suited for working professional
  • you can place your order in 2min and dont have to look into the system again and again

Trading is not only about using stratergy,it has 3 major Ingredients

The ingredients of successful trading

In order to achieve consistent success in trading, traders must develop their skills in three major areas

  •   Winning psychology
  •   Money management
  •   Sound trading system

Keep the following in your mind to be a successful trader.

  • Take the market as an opportunity.
  • Be responsible for your success and failure.
  • Try to make good trades through good strategies.
  • Consider the losses as a part of trade and learn from the fault.
  • Don’t approach personal towards the market make a professional approach.
  • Don’t be over exited or over depressed.