ATF Mentorship Program

Do u need a Mentor to guide u to make money consistently in stock market?

Learn and trade along with me using my simple but powerful strategy in equity /futures and my secret money management technique which I use to remain in profit every month.

In this mentorship program u will learn the 3 main secrets of trading

    1⃣ How to identify trending stock for the day and also corresponding trading strategy

    2⃣ Very Powerful Money Management technique which Is my secret

    3⃣ Trading Discipline

Minimum capital required is 10000/- however there is no upper limit.

You can easily make 5 to 10 % consistently every month

You have to spend just 5 min daily for trading. Just place order and leave whenever ur free anytime between 9.30 am to 10.30 am.

I teach by sending the video and later if any doubts I'll clear by Whatsapp,

You will get lifelong support from me and I challenge you that I'll teach u to make u earn money consistently in stock market.

I charge a small fee of 9999/- only for this life long mentorship program

ATF Options Trading Tactics

Do u want to learn options trading and start making safe and consistent money every month?

Do u want to learn how to make money if market goes up or down or in any market conditions?

Options trading are the easiest and safest trading instruments to make consistent returns every month if u have the right knowledge and skills

🏹Do u need a coach to guide and handhold you during this journey?

Then You can register and book ur slot for 6 months training program which includes

1⃣You will learn the basics of options trading
2⃣You will learn a strategy which is safe and perfect hedging

NIFTY OPTIONS hedging strategy,

3⃣You will learn the special technique to do adjustments to remain in profit everytime in any market conditions(note that having the knowledge of adjustment is more important than strategy)
4⃣You will learn how to book profits every month
5⃣There will be handholding, support, guidance, coaching for 6 months so that u become perfect

‼Package details
If u know the basics then u can take the pre recorded training program along with daily Whatsapp support and guidance for 6 months for a small fee of 8999/- only.

Next Steps...

If you are interested ,you can Whatsapp me on my number 8095876525 and join the program soon